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Persepolis: Traços da Inspiração is a small educational point-and-click adventure game loosely based on the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi developed in 2014. It was developed as part of a 3 months long group class project in which the objective was highlighting and teaching people about both Marjane's work and the work of other Iranian Illustrators and Designers through storytelling and exploration.  Currently, it is only available in portuguese.

Kept here for portfolio purposes

This is a fan made game, entirely unassociated from the graphic novel, the movie, or its creator Marjane Satrapi, and it is only intended as a homage to the original work. If you enjoy the game, and would like to make a donation to either me or my peers, i'd suggest supporting the original release instead:


The game was entirely developed with Adventure Game Studios, an old but reliable engine for making old-school adventure games. You can check it out at:


Credited Developers

Luiz Miguel Dias Magdanello - Main Game Designer, programmer, animator, writer

Leticia Brand - Website Designer, Writer

Paulo Alves - Game Designer, Writer

Original website for the game: 


The game is entirely played with the mouse. You can skip every cutscene and textbox by clicking around, and you navigate the scenery by clicking on specific places. Collect posters hidden in the environment to progress. 

You can exit the game by pressing the ESC key


Persepolis-traços-da-inspiração.exe 279 MB

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